These Modest and Customizable Tea Tins Encourage Reuse by the Consumer

What we have here is a tea packaging idea that's based on the production of double labels. What's the benefit of this? Well, a person can peel the outer wrap off of the canister to reveal a bare one beneath it––a blank slate for writing what you wish.

The concept is a smart one that certainly encourages the containers' reuse. The outcome is both convenient and environmentally friendly. Once you finish the loose leaf infusions stashed inside, you can appropriate the wood-capped vessels for storing anything from candy to paperclips, and a couple helpful lines invite you to identify the new contents with a pen.

What makes Matthew Tomoni's Rishi Sustainable Tea Containers so different is their invitation for the consumer to remove the branded material. The cylinders would have extended lifespans and second uses, but the modesty behind this design means that the original product will be forgotten. How humble, these double labels are!