The Full Grown Furniture Farm Uses Eco-Friendly Methods

 - May 18, 2015
References: fullgrown & springwise
This furniture farm uses botanical manufacturing to create chairs, lamps and tables. Full Grown uses individual trees to do this.

This is an interesting alternative process to mass manufacturing, given the way things are currently done are both time-consuming and wasteful. Trees usually grow for around 50 years before being chopped down and turned into unsustainable pieces. Based in Derbyshire, Full Grown is environmentally-friendly and grows furniture from ash, oak, sycamore and willow trees. Throughout the process the trees are continually emitting carbon dioxide.

Founded by Gavin Munro, the furniture farm uses plastic molds placed over the trees, which encourage them to grow into a desired shape. This is also done by bending the growing tips of young trees.