The Foot-Power Washer Allows You to Wash Clothes Anywhere

 - May 7, 2015
References: yirego & treehugger
The Yirego Drumi has just released a foot-powered washing machine that will allow users to wash their clothes without the use of electricity. The Yirego Drumi sits at 22 inches tall and works by spinning about 10 liters of water, detergent and clothing as the user pushes the attached pedal with his or her foot for about six minutes. The machine is intended for small loads of clothing, and can only accommodate about five pounds of clothing at a time. While not ideal for those with large laundry loads, the Yirego Drumi is a great alternative for quickly washing a few pieces while camping, out at the cottage or even in a small apartment.

The foot-powered washing machine is an eco-friendly choice not only because it does not use electricity, but also because it uses 80 percent less water and detergent than a traditional washer. Because of it efficient and environmentally sustainable design, the Yirego Drumi gives users the option to wash clothes at any time, even while off the grid.