Refil Turns Plastic Volvo Audi Dashboards into 3D Printer Filaments

 - May 2, 2015
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3D printing has the potential to be great for creativity, but terrible for the environment—to strike a happy balance of the two, a Dutch startup by the name of Refil is now creating 3D printer filaments by recycling plastic Audi and Volvo dashboards and PET bottles.

The recycled filament is being called 'Refilament' and is comparable to other filaments, minus dyes and toxic additives. This means that the filament is available in two colors: Dashboard Black and PET Translucent. As far as how this filament comes to be, the dashboards are shredded, melted down and then reformed into usable printing filament. This filament is rolled onto a fully recyclable cardboard spool, which makes sure that the entire product is as eco-friendly as can be.

For its kind consideration of the environment, Refilament has already been named the Best Material Development for 3D Printing in 2015 at 3D Printing Europe IDTechEx show.