The 'Eco BLAC Brick' Could Put an End to Pollution from Brick Kilns

A group of MIT students recently developed a new type of brick that would help to reduce the amount of pollution that is produced by dirty brick kilns. In India, these kilns are used to produce up to two billion bricks per year. Unfortunately, this method of production generates a thick particulate matter that is extremely damaging to the environment.

To combat the pollution from brick kilns, MIT students developed the 'Eco BLAC brick.' This specially designed brick is made from 70 percent leftover boiler ash waste, which would otherwise clog up local landfills. The rest of the brick is composed of sodium hydroxide, lime and a little bit of clay. Relying on alkali-activation technology as a source of power, these bricks require no firing at all.

The Eco BLAC brick is currently being tested at a paper mill in New Delhi to examine its long-term use. If results are successful, this product could help to dramatically improve India's air quality.