This Clever Clothesline Clip Doubles as an Eco-Friendly Light Source

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: news.etherealizm & yankodesign
Vikash Kumar Vimal has designed a dual-purpose clothesline clip that harnesses the power of the sun. The clever clothespins not only help to hold your clothes on the line, but they also help provide an eco-friendly light source for your yard.

The clothespins are shaped like dainty butterflies and feature small solar panels on each wing. The positioning of the panels helps to capture the energy of the sun and power the built-in LED light. On the bottom of each butterfly is a clothesline clip, which can be used to keep your clothes securely fastened to the clothesline.

While the original purpose of the solar-powered butterflies is to hang clothing outdoors, the clips could also be used solely as a source of backward lighting. With its charming shape and eco-friendly design, these clothesline clips are a fun alternative to traditional wooden clothespins.