Carlo Ratti Associati Imagines the Future of Supermarkets as Digital

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: carloratti & psfk
In partnership with supermarket chain COOP Italia, design firm Carlo Ratti Associati imagines that the future of supermarkets will look like its 'Future Food District concept.

While self-checkout stations are slowly sweeping the nation, this digital grocery concept pushes technology even further. Shoppers are encouraged to interact with produce through interactive tables, hands-on learning in classrooms and artful exhibits that help to inform consumers more about the supply chains that are used in-store. Now that consumers are becoming more informed and interested about how their food gets from farm to table, or otherwise, interactive displays like this to promote transparency and the integrity of locally-sourced food will become extremely important in future food markets.

This exploration of the future of supermarkets is part of the 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' theme of Expo Milano 2015.