The 'UNplug' Device is a Sustainable Power-Saving Solution

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: kickstarter & treehugger
'UNplug' is a solar-powered controller that provides a simple and inexpensive power-saving solution for taking your household appliances off the grid. Invented by Markus Löffler, UNplug essentially functions as an eco-friendly micro-solar system for powering your devices.

UNplug uses solar panels to collect energy throughout the day, which is then used to change its battery bank. When the sun goes down, UNplug will seamlessly switch over any connected devices to its grid power. UNplug will perform the same function in the event of a blackout as well, conserving the valuable electricity needed to keep appliances such as refrigerators functioning. Unplug thus serves as a sustainable power-saving solution for offloading some of a household's daily electricity supply, as well as providing an uninterrupted electricity source in the event of an outage.