These Glowing Lights Transform Living Spaces into Fantasy Wonderlands

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: designboom
Giorgia Zanello is the designer who created these mystical neon glowing lights. The collection is called 'Mirage' based on the fantasy and surreal auras that each light creates. The collection is fully complete with floor lights, hanging fixtures, table lamps, wall-mounted lights and a mirror. Each light illuminates a neon glow from the LED power source.

The variety of colorful glowing lights creates a futuristic feel when multiple lights are placed in one room. The Mirage collection began when Zanello started experimenting with neon and wanted to find a way to bring the playful light source into a domestic setting.

The lamps range is style as some are void shapes and release a glow from the perimeter only. Other lights are solid and project light from both the full shape. The final style is a half solid, half void light.

Photo Credits: designboom