These Miniature Cabins Combine Three Rooms in One Single Structure

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has designed miniature cabins that combine three separate rooms in a single structure. The 'Micro Cluster Cabins' are intended for families that want an outdoor cabin, but need to have the same degree of privacy as a single-family home. The solution was to create a series of separate structures that are organized around the outdoor area, yet contained as one single unit.

The Micro Cluster Cabins are made up of three separate buildings that are joined together by a central entrance area. The main building features luxurious floor-to-celing windows, which offer spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness. This main building also functions as the central living area with a fully-functional kitchen and a small seating area. The other two structures in the Micro Cluster Cabins contain the bedrooms and bathrooms.