Cybèle Young's Artwork Combines Japanese Origami & Contemporary Sculpting

 - Jun 8, 2015
References: cybeleyoung & wallpaper
Canadian artist Cybèle Young combines the method of Japanese origami with contemporary sculpting to create delicate art. Each piece of art she creates is intricately detailed and displayed like a beautiful platter. Her pieces are embellished with copper and chine-collé etchings that turn into miniature multi-layered sculptures.

These Japanese origami styled artworks each begin with an object like a pair of eye glasses that slowly evolves through a process of paper folding. The process transitions the eye-glasses into a fantasy world where they become lost in translation. The outcome is dependent on what Young sees beyond the ordinary function of these inanimate objects.

One of her pieces called 'Hos Does it Look Tomorrow?' is the transformation of an umbrella. Over the course of five stages the umbrella becomes a graceful jellyfish with flowing tentacles.