From Upcycled Carton Pavilions to Crowdsourced Building Designs

 - Jul 25, 2015
With the continued pursuit of integrating nature into manmade structure, many of the July 2015 architecture innovations involve reflecting the natural environment that surrounds new developments. From hospitals that provide sprawling of views of greenery in order to inspire healing to urban rooftop farms that aim to seek out any possible outpost for agriculture, there are plenty applications that point to the future of architecture and design.

Similarly, many designers and architects have realized the impact of sympathetic environments on individuals, such as those serving time in federal institutions or in a hospital. Well-being is now at the forefront of architecture in these cases thanks to the many studies that point to the intricate relationship between individuals and the spaces they spend the majority of their time in.

Additionally, there are plenty of resources being dedicated to insuring the most sustainable building processes as possible are adhered to. Whether through the use of reclaimed materials or by creating structures with dual-purposes, there are plenty of ways to limit the impact on the surrounding environment.