This Refreshingly Sweet Coconut Drink is Hydrating and Filled with Rum

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
This alcoholic coconut drink takes the popular coconut water beverage and turns it into a spiked treat that is perfect to cool down with. This is a refreshing cocktail is made from fresh ingredients that is relatively health-conscious.

To make this drink, begin with a fresh coconut. Crack the coconut and extract the water then add an ounce of white run, simple syrup and some coconut pulp for texture. If you don't have a fresh coconut handy, prepackaged coconut water will work as well. Because there isn't any artificial flavors or colors added to the drink, this coconut cocktail retains its clear consistency that, from a distance, looks like a simple glass of water. This cocktail retains a clean aesthetic that is ideal for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle while indulging.