This Line of Mr. Smith Beers are Labeled with Mysterious Newspaper Articles

 - Jul 24, 2015
References: & thedieline
Branding agency Viewpoint has designed Shakesbeer's line of Mr. Smith beer labels, which incorporate bold colors and mysterious newspaper illustrations The newest line of brews is called M. Smith and it has associated itself with the iconic name because many people know the name but no one knows the mysterious man's face.

To evoke a sense of curiosity into each consumer, the idea for portraying Mr. Smith is a unique marketing tactic. The mysterious beer labels feature Mr. Smith on the bottle reading the paper but the only visible parts of the faceless man are his hat, hands and crossed legs.

There are three Mr. Smith beers of craft beer, superior ale and strong fine ale. Each style has a color to match in order to make the differentiation between the three styles simple and easy for consumers.