Bootstrap Brewing's Beer Cans are Illustrated with Aggressive Animals

 - Jul 13, 2015
References: moxiesozo & thedieline
Bootstrap Brewing teamed up with Designer Moxie Sozo to create these aggressive animal beer labels to promote its fiercely flavored brews. There are two animals featured on two separate beer cans. One can features a group of rabid rabbits and the other features a clan of angry beavers. Both cans are solid colors with the animals outlined in black ink.

The Indian Pale Ale beer is branded with rabbits, the color blue and the name 'Insane Rush.' The other beer is a traditional Pale Ale colored with a golden hue, filling a can decorated with beavers -- it is called 'Sticks.'

The aggressive animal labels were hand-drawn by artist Nate Dyer. The typography on the cans is a mashup of different styles that present and interesting and cohesive flow. Bootstrap Brewing has created an intense image with crazy-eyed creatures that will appeal to adventurous consumers.