V8 Uses Natural Fruit and Vegetables to Flavor Its Bottled Water

 - Jul 29, 2015
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As essential as water is to all life, the flavorless, colorless beverage has little appeal to some people—unless they're consuming infused water. While there are countless brands that offer flavor packets that are loaded with artificial ingredients, V8 sought to create a more natural way to flavor this bland beverage.

V8 Infused Water is prepared with 25 percent fruit and vegetable juice, meaning that there's one full serving of vegetables in a single bottle. Tempting flavors like Cucumber Lime, Black Cherry Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Ginger make it hard not to stay hydrated.

Although fruit juices can sometime be laden with artificial flavoring and sugars, V8's Infused Water contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or ingredients.