This Infographic Pairs Junk Food and Wine for the Prefect Girls' Night In

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: atriumdumbo & marieclaire
These illustrated graphics show how to combine the perfect junk food and wine pairings. The images are specifically geared toward a female demographic and are intended to make any girls' night more fun.

The female-oriented guides feature straight-forward combinations such as popcorn and Chardonnay or chocolate with port wine. In addition, the guide also lays out which flavor of potato chips is best served with a specific wine type. An example of these pairings is BBQ chips and Pinot Noir or plain chips and Chardonnay.

Each snack listed in the guide is the perfect addition to any girls' night in. This guide is especially helpful if the consumer has a favorite snack but is indecisive about an alcoholic pairing that works best with their choice. This handy infographic explains which junk food and wine pairing is a perfect match and makes party planning easy and fun.