From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Emotive Food Packaging

 - Aug 4, 2015
The top August 2015 marketing trends showcase the progression from traditional advertising means to that of experience-based ones as well as the new interest in providing an greater customer value.

Innovative gourmet airplane menus like that offered by Qatar Airways seeks to elevate the air travel experience through upscale food and beverage. By improving one of the most frustrating parts of consumer travel, the airline is sure to woo new clientele and brand themselves as leaders in the airplane menu realm.

Emotive food packaging and branding that makes use of wholesome characters seek to align the product with the artisan and slow food lifestyles.

The Pimm's Wimbledon 2015 pop-up bar was a whimsical, tea party-inspired brand experience that staged an idyllic scene in tune with the Diageo brand's aspirational lifestyle aesthetic.

The top August 2015 marketing trends provide insight into the necessary methods when aiming to market to digital natives.