Shiyang He Creates Print Ads that Show the Downside of Connectivity

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: designtaxi
As much as mobile devices have opened up a world of possibilities in regards to both business and personal endeavors, Shanghai-based creative Shiyang He shows that there is a huge price to pay for the daily use of such constant technology. It's tag line reads, "The more we connect, the less we connect." This observation is visualized through the presence of a huge 'phone wall' in each of Shiyang He's images.

This phone wall summarizes how much people's in-person interactions suffer as a consequence of being on their smartphones too much. Whether with their partner or child, it's easy to get lost on such devices instead of nurturing the relationships that truly matter. Essentially, Shiyang He is reminding people that there is an important world that exist outside of individual smartphones.