Eight Inc Presents Its Products as Essentials of a 'Superhero Closet'

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: eightinc & retaildesignblog.net
Taking inspiration from the presence of superhumans in pop culture, Eight Inc's standing clothing display unit is styled as a "superhero's closet." The company is known for producing a variety of soccer protection gear and required a fixture that could support multiple types of merchandise.

As a result, the created structure towers at over six feet high, featuring one side that showcases the next-generation athletic gear like a suit of armor, while the reverse side contains items that can be picked up and shopped.

As if an invisible superhero, the mannequin itself is completely concealed in order to put all of the emphasis on the gear, leaving consumers to picture themselves in the outfit. As Eight Inc's products are often fondly referred to as "Batman gear," this all-black clothing display unit inspires consumers to suit up as a hero would.