This Ad by Honda Uses Dolls to Remind Customers to Use Original Car Parts

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: adeevee & designtaxi
These humorous ads presented by Honda seek to remind customers the importance of using original car parts when getting cars fixed. It might be cheaper to replace damaged car parts with random alternatives, but using original car parts is essential to the maintenance of good car care.

These ads present this idea through the use of playful child toys. Each ad shows a doll or toy of the like that has been damaged and a random part has been selected to replace it. For example, there is a dinosaur that had to have its legs replaced by a Barbie doll's legs. The ad reads "just because it fits doesn't mean it fits."

This ad campaign created by a Canada-based agency called Wax uses humor to address a serious issue. When cars break, the safety features are lowered and the only way to maintain safe rides is to replace whatever broke with original car parts.