From Progressive Telecom Ads to Child Cooking Campaigns

 - Aug 30, 2015
These August 2015 commercials range from progressive telecom ads to child cooking campaigns that encourage imagination and experimentation. In an effort to push marketing boundaries, major retailers are focusing on emotion and niche interests when challenging their competitors.

The month's TV spots pull at one's heart strings and use humor to sell products. While popular fast food chain Wendy's creates a positive commentary on curvy bodies with their hilarious 'Thick Cut Bacon' ad, companies like telecom giant Claro make viewers tear up with an inspiring commercial that encourages a community's economic growth while funding female startups in a developing country.

Other August 2015 commercials that stand out include musical software ads -- HP's latest commercial examines the lack of freedom in most workplaces -- that illustrate the creative power of technology and its ability to enhance art projects and other imaginative ventures.