Garnier's Acno Fight Ad Presents an All-In-One Skincare Remedy for Men

With its latest marketing efforts for Acno Fight, Garnier Hong Kong speaks directly to its target audience of males between the ages of 15 and 35—specifically ones who only use water to wash their faces, or only seek out skincare products when there is a problem that pops up. In order to reverse some of the attitudes that have been created around men and hygiene, Garnier set out to make preventative skincare cool again.

Garnier's Acno Fight skincare 6-in-1 products for men are designed to tackle multiple issues that have to do with oily skin, pimples, blackheads, pore tightness, reddness and undesirable markings on the skin. Presented as a do-it-all skincare solution, Garnier's co-created commercial for men stars YouTuber FH Production, giving a fresh Millennial perspective on the product.

By addressing statements made by male consumers regarding skincare, the video has been applauded by many young viewers for realizing that men shop differently than women.