This S7 Airlines Commercial Makes Kids Wildest Dreams a Reality

 - Jul 3, 2015
References: & adweek
Amsterdam-based creative agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam partnered up with S7 Airlines for this heartwarming ad, featuring everyone's favorite: children.

Much like a Dove ad might in North America, the commercial asks a group of children a question and eagerly awaits their response. "Let's say you can go anyplace you can imagine," the ad asks. "What would this world look like?" The children cook up hypothetical flight destinations that include mermaids and wizards, stars that are within arms reach and lakes made out of chocolate. Because who wouldn't want to take a dip in the saccharine goodness of Lake Choco?

While putting children on camera for a commercial gain is a tactic exploited by advertising execs since the dawn of capitalism, this ad differs in that it shows, with a little bit of creative reinterpretation, children's imagination can be rooted in reality.