From Immersive Disney Toys to Interactive Gaming Sneakers

 - Sep 1, 2015
The landscape of kids gaming is changing and changing fast, with new technologies -- such as the Internet of Things, Bluetooth and WiFi -- being embraced to make gaming more interactive, more accessible, more fun and in many cases even more beneficial for children.

Games were once thought of as representing nothing but fun, entertainment and distraction for children. Now however, there's a lot more awareness about the benefits of gaming as an educational endeavor and one that can even have health benefits. From toothbrushes that make brushing your teeth fun to gaming setups that encourage children with cystic fibrosis to perform their breathing exercises, there are numerous ways in which gamification is being applied to kids' well-being.

As far as the education angle is concerned, kids gaming is becoming increasingly DIY and there are lots of opportunities for kids to use tablet technology to even design and craft their own games.

In sum, the world of kids gaming is evolving rapidly, and it has never been a better time to be a kid!