'Taco Takeover' is a Fun-Filled Competitive Taco Making Game

 - Jun 13, 2015
References: haywiregroup & toyland.gizmodo
If Monopoly isn't exciting enough to keep your family entertained, there is a fun new competitive taco making game that might be the perfect alternative. The card game is called 'Taco Takeover' and it is easy enough for anyone over the age of six to play and enjoy.

The game is played by four players and the goal is to collect all of the ingredients necessary to build a delicious taco. Players choose from different topping cards that have been placed face down on a table. The goal is to snatch up all of the toppings you need to fill you faux-taco shell before each of your opponents. Of course, there are some fun curveballs thrown into this taco making game, such as the 'Antacid' card which forces you to dump your taco out and start from scratch.

Taco Takeover is fun for adult and children alike and it is fast paced enough to keep an entire family engaged and entertained.