These Food and Beverage Marketing Stunts Target a Young Demographic

 - Dec 3, 2015
Knowing that many teens tend to experience an increase an appetite as they grow, many savvy brands have stepped up with food and beverage marketing campaigns specifically targeted to sate this demographic.

As these young consumers are more socially connected than ever, unsurprisingly, a lot of these campaigns capture attention with the use of social media. A few of the most interesting social media stunts include biscuit brand Biskrem launching an interactive adventure on Instagram and McDonald's releasing special Snapchat photo filters.

Since a young teen's allowance or cash earned from part-time employment is limited, many of these food and beverage marketing campaigns help young consumers get the most value for as little money as possible. For instance, KFC launched #LittleMoneyBigFun as a parody to the #RichKidsofInstagram tag, while beverage company Kirin's vending machines dispense complimentary selfies with purchased drinks.