Talenti Uses Social Media to Match People to Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: flavorize.me & refinery29
With a new campaign called 'Flavorize Me,' Talenti is putting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to use in order to call out a favorite ice cream flavor.

The campaign analyzes social media posts in order to create a custom flavor based on the parts of one's personality shared online. Although crowd-pleasing ice cream flavors include classics like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are standards, Talenti digs a little bit deeper for this initiative. Profiles are judged on a combination of sweet, salty and bitter elements, resulting in the creation of complex flavors like 'Sugar Apple Ginger Cake Nectarine' or Pear Apple Cider Poppy Seed.'

Beyond being a fun way to see a social account turned into a dessert flavor, Talenti is using this platform as a way to source new flavor ideas. Near the end of the summer, a few of the custom flavors will actually end up being produced for a select few participants.