This Mountain Dew Campaign Features a Real-Time Snapchat Plot

 - Feb 4, 2015
References: fastcocreate
This Mountain Dew campaign, developed just in time for Super Bowl 2015, consist of a real-time Snapchat story wherein Mountain Dew followers are allowed to choose the direction of the plot, ending with a Super Bowl pre-game party.

Fans and their decisions will help determine the type of party, the people in attendance and other details. Mountain Dew collaborated with social agency Vayner Media to film and post Snapchat videos and let people choose the story direction using the hashtag #Kickstart, a hashtag chosen to match the name of Mountain Dew's breakfast energy beverage.

This Mountain Dew commercial is a great example of how social media can be creatively woven into ad plots to make for a memorable and innovative brand campaign, and one that is particularly effective at attracting the attentions of young people.