The Alchemists Game Requires Players to Invent Magic Potions

Alchemists is a mobile-enhanced board game that allows players to invent, mix and sell potions. Potion creation is certainly something I indulged in as a child, even if my folks weren't always thrilled to see shampoo from the bathroom and spices in the kitchen going to waste. However this app will ensure that the budding potion brewer in your household gets to flex their potion-creating chops virtually.

Alchemists is a game of risk assessment, deduction and strategy. Players will often find themselves choosing between experiment further with their potion and publishing now to get more points. The choices they make will mark them out as alchemists.

The game is designed to be played using a companion mobile app that converts your tablet and smartphone into a card ingredient reader. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, the game can also be played in a web-based environment.

What's great about the Alchemists board game is the manner in which it is able to integrate smart phone technology without losing the timeless board game feel.