Vichy's Newest Commercial Urges Consumers to #ForgetFlawless

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: vichy & brandingmagazine
With a beauty ad called #ForgetFlawless, cosmetic brand Vichy urges women to find fault with their attitudes rather than their appearance in the mirror. The commercial stars a diverse range of women grumpily getting ready in the morning, disheartened by what they see in the mirror. These ladies are given a quick pep talk by their confident, self-loving reflections, bringing outrageous beauty standards back into perspective.

In an age where pop culture songs stress perfection with lyrics like "I woke up like this," Vichy's beauty ad is a refreshing reminder to let natural beauty shine first and foremost.

Other cosmetic, beauty and fashion brands have approached these sort of issues in similar ways, but rather than having a tone that's heartwarming, sad or heavy, Vichy's #ForgetFlawless is all about getting the message across with humor.