These Designers Re-imaged the Shape of Coca-Cola's Iconic Soda Bottle

 - Jul 11, 2015
References: facebook & psfk
Designers at Surface Magazine recently took up the challenge of redesigning the shape of Coca-Cola's iconic soda bottle. The original design for the Coca-Cola bottle was produced in 1915 and was molded after the shape of a woman's skirt. The iconic contours of the bottle have evolved slightly over the years, but have generally retained the same basic shape.

The project to redesign the bottled coincides with the commemoration of Coca-Cola's centennial anniversary. 12 designers took part in the project and each were asked to put their own spin on the iconic soda bottle. The designers drew inspiration from a range of different sources, including historical figures and sustainable designs. For example, one designer created a custom texture to enhance the feel of the bottle, while another designer opted for a zero-waste construction.