The Architecture of American Houses Looks at the Change in Exterior Design

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: Pop & mentalfloss
The design of American houses has changed significantly from the 1600s to today and this beautifully laid out chart by Pop Chart Lab elegantly chronicles these stylistic changes through the ages. The Architecture of American Houses infographic is an ideal read for anyone interested in design and building construction.

Throughout The Architecture of American Houses beautifully catalogs the various periods of design from the early 1600s to today. The chart divided up by stylistic periods moving from the Colonial Period where influences from England, France and Spain are noticeable to today where the Neo-Eclectic period reigns including homes like the McMansions and standard Victorian styles. This chart highlights how themes in design are continuously reoccurring and self-referencing even in today's age when the designs tend to be more modern and clean-cut.