Vegetoria's Playful Vegetable Bag Makes its Contents Clear

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: & creativepool
Vegetoria is a premium vegetable brand from Russia that created a clever vegetable bag design for its carrots. The meta design is shaped like and contains carrots, making the contents of the bag very clear. Since the colorful carrots are able to be seen through the clear plastic, the only other coloring that's needed on the bag is the leafy green part that mimics a carrot's stem.

Although the shape of the bag is unconventional, it is a fit for the natural shape of the carrots. Plus, there's still plenty of room for Vegetoria's branding. The carrot-shaped Vegetoria vegetable bag is resealable after it has been opened for the first time, which makes it useful beyond the store for presentation and sales purposes.

As well as being a purely whimsical design, the shape of the bag reiterates the authenticity of the produce inside.