Bean Boozled is Like Russian Roulette for Eating Weird Jelly Belly Flavors

 - Apr 30, 2015
References: jellybelly & host.madison
Most people do their best to avoid the smell and taste of things like moldy cheese, rotten eggs or lawn clippings, but a new board game from Jelly Belly called Bean Boozled has many people willing to risk sampling these unappealing flavors.

The game comes with a spinner and 10 gross-out jelly bean flavors, as well as another 10 jelly beans that look just like them, but taste much better. For example, there are two black candy beans that taste like either licorice or a skunk spray, as well as blue candies that will either taste like berries or toothpaste.

The only way to "win" at this game is if you get any of the good flavors, or relish seeing your friends gag on some of the wacky flavors, which are apparently really revolting. Just as many Harry Potter fans sought out the bizarre Bertie Botts Jelly Beans flavors, Bean Boozled is bound to be just as much of a hit.