Canna Chocolade's Brand Identity Mimics the Periodic Table of Elements

 - Nov 2, 2015
Canna Chocolade's vibrant brand identity draws inspiration from the periodic table of elements. Mimicking scientific symbols, these chocolate wrappers are adorned with the symbols Bh, Lh, Ph and Gh that correspond with the brand's signature 'Blackberry Haze,' 'Lemon Haze,' 'Purple Haze' and 'Green Haze' products.

In addition to its tasty flavor range that is said to boost mood levels, Canna Chocolade boasts a recognizable brand identity that catches the eye of consumers. Made with cannabutter -- a cannabis butter blend -- each of these bars will satisfy one's sweet tooth while helping to boost energy, relaxation and happiness levels.

In recent months, cannabis apothecaries, bubble gum refreshments and other innovation have elevated the once controversial herb to new heights. No longer taboo, cannabis is emerging as an artisanal ingredient in the beauty industry and is soon to be a major asset for food and beverage brands -- as seen with this confectionary example.