This Fruene Chocolate Box Branding Highlights Inspiring Women in History

 - Apr 23, 2015
References: & lovelypackage
This Fruene Chocolate box branding celebrates inspiring women in history. The packaging is conceived by Tank Design Tromso, a Norwegian creative studio that drew inspiration from the Freune name, meaning "The Ladies". What started as a Longyearbyen cafe has become the world's northernmost chocolate brand and its packaging is nothing short of striking.

Blending vintage graphics with matchbox-inspired containers, Freuene's chocolate box branding is visually bold. Its white boxes are accented with black type and feature three bold colors that are representative of the chocolatier's different flavors.

This feminist branding concept celebrates women who made history in the world of hunting and trapping. Though considered a male-dominated past-time, the hobby is shown to have many female pioneers, most of who are featured on Fruene Chocolate's candy boxes.