Organic Seed and Bean Chocolate Marries Bright Branding with Great Taste

 - Oct 9, 2014
References: seedandbean & packagingoftheworld
Organic Seed and Bean is considered one of UK's most ethical chocolate brands that has recently re-branded their product with ‘Kaleidoscopic Moments of Pleasure’ a campaign that showcases their unique and socially conscious product.

This colorful packaging was conceived by the creative team at Family consultants and was meant to appeal to a younger audience who is more in tune with graphic design and visually interesting packaging.

Organic Seed and Bean's mission statement is to create "ethical, sustainable and delicious British chocolate." The chocolate manufacturer creates their indulgent treats using organic ingredients that are inspired by nature. Some of their most popular products include a Sicilian Hazelnut flavor along with a Cornish Sea Salt and Lime treat that is a little more unexpected.