These Food Labels Aim to Void Language Barriers for Dietary Restrictions

 - Aug 23, 2015
References: fastcoexist
While emojis have been influencing the way society communicates online and in advertising, these emoji food labels create a unique way to address a serious issue -- allergies. This creative way to use emojis to label food products will allow consumers to adhere to restrictions, regardless of language barriers.

These food emoji images are able to create a language that is understood on a global scale. Using these labels will eliminate the need for translation and awkward verbal interactions. It will also ensure that allergies are addressed and potential harm is immediately avoided. As for the aesthetic value, these adorable emojis add a bit of playful character to packages as well.

While these emojis are theoretical at this point, "Google engineer Hiroyuki Komatsu has submitted a proposal to Unicode to include food allergy emoji."