Dean Zeus Colman a Sculpture Series Titled 'Love is a Drug'

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: deanzeuscolman & beautifuldecay
Artist Dean Zeus Colman created an artistic series of Ecstasy pill sculptures titled 'Love is a Drug.' The series features variously colored pills that have been carved into iconic images such as Bart Simpson's face.

Each pill has been recreated into an oversized material that is contained in a plaster, which allows it to maintain the desired shape. The different colors and sizes of each pill reflect the vast range of Ecstasy pills that exist in real life. This artist presents the idea that the amount of drugs in society is similar to the amount of pop culture. This idea is displayed through the use of iconic images seen throughout the sculpture series.

The inspiration for this unusually creative art display is based on the artist's past, which involved the 1980s drug-saturated rave scene. Love is a Drug appropriately depicts this artist's past and society's current state.