This Social Media Campaign Aims to Tackle Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

'I Challenge Diabetes' is a new pharmacy-led health campaign that aims to tackle diabetes in Saudi Arabia. For many people, their local pharmacy is an important source of information about healthcare issues. This particular pharmacy is using its position of influence to educate the public about how they can prevent diabetes.

The 'I Challenge Diabetes' campaign is run by a popular Saudi pharmacy chain called 'Nahdi.' The company launched the campaign as a means of engaging the community and sharing important health information with consumers. The company choose to focus on social media as a means of reaching a larger range of consumers. As the Executive Vice President of Nahdi explains, "through the ubiquitous digital social network, we aim to drive home that education is key to preventing and controlling diabetes."

The pharmacy-led campaign demonstrates how businesses can use social media as a tool to educate the local community.