From Inclusive Health Ads to Anti-Bullying Emojis

 - Oct 22, 2015
These examples of charitable social media marketing range from global health worker campaigns to anti-bullying emojis that use a popular means of mobile communication to send a powerful message to millennial audiences.

Standouts include plate-clearing campaigns -- the #HappyPlateSG social media campaign and hashtag help to reduce excessive food waste in Singapore -- along with philanthropic mustard labels that aim to end hunger in Pittsburgh. Shop412 and Heinz recently teamed up for a mustard bottle that is sold exclusively for a $20 rate. Its sale proceeds help feed the hungry while hashtags like #412xHeinz and #onemillionmeals help to drive this branded collaboration home even further.

Other notable examples include charitable social media marketing that puts an end to health-related taboos while promoting communication and a sense of community among disease sufferers.