Google and DexCom are Improving the Way Diebetics Monitor Blood Sugar

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: investor.shareholder & psfk
Google's Life Sciences division recently partnered with DexCom in order to develop better ways for people with diabetes to routinely check their blood sugar levels. Traditionally, this involves pricking a finger and drawing a small amount of blood for sampling, but both companies agree that there must be a way to get results that's more convenient, painless and mess-free.

The Google and DexCom collaboration is set to create a bandage-sized, disposable device that can temporarily be adhered to the skin. This continuous glucose monitor would be able to read blood sugar levels using a chip embedded under the skin, up to 12 times and hour. Furthermore, the device would be cloud-connected so that this comprehensive data could be easily be viewed and shared with a medical professional.

Considering that last year Google announced a contact lens that can measure glucose levels, there is definitely room for more inventive, non-invasive devices to check glucose levels.