POW Makes Fruit-Flavored, Carbonated Water for Energy

 - Aug 22, 2015
References: powerfulwater & thedrum
Most people gravitate towards water as a beverage for hydration, rather than looking to water for energy. But with its unique formula, the Powerful Water Company (POW) is positioning its products as beverages more flavorful than tasteless water and better for consumers than a sugar-laden energy drink.

POW's three fruity flavors include Coconut & Lime, Citrus & Zest, as well as Cranberry and Apple. These drinks begin with a base of sparkling water, which is combined with natural extracts from fruit, as well as natural caffeine from the guarana plant and the ginseng root. Finally, B vitamins and minerals are added to make the drink even more helpful in the rehydration process.

As a result, POW's sparkling water beverages are low-calorie, low-sugar, energizing and full of flavor.