This Basalt Rock Pump Produces Fresh Water in South Korea

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: wisearchitecture & dezeen
Through a collaborative effort from two South Korean studios, Wise Architecture and Nameless Architecture, a volcanic rock pump was created in South Korean. This rock pump is a fully functioning water system that conjures fresh water from a salty sea-covered spring.

The actual system is created with two rock-made structures. One structure is a dome and the other is an open-top pool. The device works by drawing both fresh water and salt water into a chamber located below the ground. The water types are then separated by a "semi-permeable membrane." Using the right amount of pressure, only the fresh water will be filtered through the membrane.

This basalt water pump sits in the Jeju island off the southern coast of South Korea. This convenient fresh water-provider will aid island citizens in obtaining healthy and safe water.