From Tiny Portable Classrooms to Hemp-Infused Apparel

 - Sep 30, 2015
Now that this is the season for back-to-school shopping, the top September 2015 eco ideas provide plenty of inspiration for sustainable learning and living.

Some of the most novel eco-friendly school supplies include dry-erase bamboo tablet blocks, POOPOOPAPER made from elephant droppings and eco-friendly printers with cartridges that are equipped to last two years at a time. As well as being useful for students, these ideas have plenty of value for adults who adopt eco-friendly attitudes as well.

While having eco-friendly supplies at school is definitely important, some designers are going above and beyond by creating entire sustainable classrooms that are portable or solar-powered. As well as designing with the earth in mind, examples like the easyCredit office show how it's now becoming popular for architecture and interiors to wholly embrace living elements.