This Organic Garden Helps to Feed an Enitre Homeless Shelter

A homeless shelter in Atlanta recently opened an organic garden where homeless residents are encouraged to come and learn how to grow their own food. While organic food is largely associated with affluent consumers, the Metro Atlanta Task Force felt that all citizens should have access to healthy fruits and vegetables. Rather than relying on discounted snacks, the garden gives the residents an opportunity to eat the kinds of foods that may have previously been out of their reach.

The organic garden is located on the rooftop of the shelter and is maintained by the residents living there. The garden contains 80 beds, which grow everything from kale to squash. The freshly grown greens are used on site and help to provide the residents with full meals each day. Not only is the garden a source of food for the shelter, but it also helps the residents learn valuable gardening and marketing skills that may help them in finding future work.