This Cozy Wool Alternative is Made from Leftover Animal Parts

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: atsolutionssc & wired
Wendelin Stark and his team are currently perfecting a wool alternative material that can be used to create cozy winter apparel. Functional Materials Laboratory at ETH Z├╝rich is working on using leftover animal material from carcasses -- that otherwise would be thrown out -- to extract the necessary materials for making clothing.

Stark's process turns unused skin, bones and ligaments of slaughter house animals into a basis for clothing. The gelatin extracted from these materials is put in a chemical bath and when dried and extracted, the material resembles wool. This extracted material later becomes the fiber needed to produce sweaters, mittens and hats.

Upon starting the project, Stark wanted to address two issues: the over-production of textiles, as well as discarded carcass waste. Through his innovative work, Stark's wool-like clothing can provide an extremely sustainable wool alternative.