This Mind-Blowing House Was Built in Just 10 Days Using a 3D Printer

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: & luxurylaunches
This 3D-printed villa is altering everything we know about home building materials, timelines and most importantly, price tags. Unbelievably, the Chinese-based 'Zhuoda Group' created this stunning home in 10 days, using a 3D printer for only $400.

Not just a simple cube built of sticks or plastic bricks, this stunning villa is customizable to have marble, jade and wooden textures. It is built using agricultural and industrial waste materials, meaning it is not only economical but eco-friendly too. These materials are fire and waterproof, built atop a sturdy steel frame able to withstand earthquakes. As if all this wasn't enough, herb-infused walls are available to further customize the home.

3D printers have been doing a lot of incredible things lately but this 3D-printed villa that's built in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the cost, has got to take the cake. With this technology the real estate market could be turned upside down and those who never imagined owning a house in their lifetime, could purchase one with a single pay cheque.