These Rugged Tires Help Cyclists from Getting a Flat

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: tannus & blessthisstuff
A Korean company is producing a set of rugged tires that prevent cyclists for getting a flat. For many bicycle enthusiasts, a flat tire is a frustrating and expensive problem to fix. These new tires are specially designed to help you avoid future blowouts.

'Tannus Tyres' are unlike any other bike tire on the market. Tannus Tyres are made from a scientifically engineered material that is solid, yet extremely lightweight. The rugged ties are impenetrable to all of the objects that would normally puncture a pneumatic tire, including glass, nails and other sharp metal objects. Aside from allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease, the tires are also extremely stylish. Customers can choose from 12 fashion-forward colors to give their bike a lively look.

With these rugged bike tires, you can ride in any kind of environment with ease.